Principal | Tech Venture Fund

Job description

Our client, a tech venture fund, focuses on investing in immigrant founders in the US who create exceptional and scalable products. With experience investing in unicorns at the pre-seed/seed stage, they have supported companies that are now highly successful.

We’re seeking a Principal to join their team at a tech venture fund. As a Principal, you will be responsible for identifying and evaluating investment opportunities, conducting due diligence, and working with portfolio companies to drive growth and create value.


  • Identify and evaluate potential early-stage investment opportunities by leveraging your professional network, attending relevant industry conferences and networking events, and proactively engaging with entrepreneurs and startups

  • Lead deal teams, perform due diligence, prepare analysis, and bring investment recommendations

  • Develop and negotiate valuations, term sheets, and transaction documents for portfolio company financings

  • Work closely with portfolio companies to drive growth and create value

  • Quickly assess the viability of investment opportunities and prioritize companies for further due diligence

Job requirements

  • Over five years of experience in the venture investment field

  • Proven track record of successful deal sourcing, due diligence, and deal selection

  • Experience overseeing the investment process from initial screening to final closing

  • Demonstrated ability to identify and assess new investment opportunities, develop investment theses, and negotiate terms

  • Proven ability to develop and maintain relationships with portfolio company founders, entrepreneurs, and other industry stakeholders, while providing value

  • Experience managing investment teams is a plus

  • Fundraising experience is a plus

If you are a highly analytical, results-driven individual passionate about investing in innovative startups and driving value creation, we encourage you to join a global venture capital fund as a Principal.