| Tech Lead (Back-end, SaaS, Python)

Job description

We're seeking a strong python backend engineer to work on's SaaS offering - studio - a managed ML workspace/hub allowing for ML teams to share and collaborate experiments, models and more.

Strong Python knowledge and excellent coding culture (standards, unit test, etc) are required.

  • Discuss and research issues, bugs and new features.
  • Take ownership of the full development lifecycle - From planning, through designing, execution, testing to supporting in production
  • Document your code and share knowledge with the team

Job requirements

Must have

    • Motivation and interest (Technologies, domain, customer impact)
    • Love for clean & efficient code
    • Remote work self-discipline - ability to focus and deliver reliably - respect team's planning, deadlines, etc
    • Excellent communication skills - clear, constructive, and respectful dialog with other team members, community
    • Technical Leadership - contributing to the team's growth and enriching other team members with your knowledge and experience

Great to have

    • Experience working remotely
    • Open source contributions or experience of maintaining, developing an open source project
    • System programming experience - kernel, databases, etc.
    • Machine Learning or Data Science experience