A-Players Recruiting | Talent Sourcer

Job description

We are on the hunt for an exceptional Talent Sourcer to join our fully remote recruiting team. This role will focus on identifying and sourcing the cream of the crop, the "A-Players" for our exclusive clients. 

"An A-Player is an employee who has a 90% chance of performing in the top 10%" (Brad & Geoff Smart). 

We believe in helping impact-driven companies flourish by curating a pool of top-notch talent and exclusively hiring them for startups with a mission. Our notable clients include Grammarly, Wix, Mindvalley, Reface, Veriff, EsperBionics, and more.

Why Join Us?

  • Impactful Work: By assisting mission-driven tech startups like Wix, Grammarly, and Mindvalley in hiring the best A-Players, you'll contribute to meaningful and fulfilling work.
  • Full Transparency: We operate with an open budget, allowing you to know all company income, expenses, salaries, and bonuses.
  • Close Collaboration with Founders: Direct interaction with founders offers a unique opportunity to learn from top entrepreneurs in the industry.
  • Human-Centric Culture: We prioritize a supportive, friendly environment where team members care for and uplift each other.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Leverage our strong connections with VCs, banks, and universities to expand your network and propel your career.
  • Reputable and Trusted Team: Our dedication to excellence in recruiting is reflected in the fact that all our clients come through referrals.

    • Develop a robust and comprehensive sourcing strategy.
    • Utilize creative methods to engage with the most skilled individuals, delivering personalized outreach messages.
    • Partner with our clients to identify the perfect A-Players for their team.
    • Assist our team in identifying the best-fit clients.
    • Continually refine our sourcing processes and the A-Players Sourcing Script. Stay attuned to the market and modify sourcing strategies as needed (e.g., recognizing companies with the highest hiring standards or other "signs" of A-Players).
    • Contribute ideas for company growth. We appreciate those who possess an "owner" rather than an "employee" mindset.

Job requirements

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in talent sourcing.
  • Excellent written communication skills in English. Capable of crafting captivating and succinct messages that resonate with potential candidates.
  • Exceptionally high emotional intelligence (EQ): Ability to quickly identify the most personal aspect in a candidate's profile and tailor a message that "clicks" with them.
  • Ownership Mentality: Demonstrate initiative, detest micromanagement, communicate effectively, provide clear estimates, and proactively address issues.
  • Startup Environment: Thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced, and challenging startup environment.

    If the idea of making a real impact and working with a high-caliber team excites you, we'd love to hear from you!